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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what's left

Its been 4 days since I broke up with eja. senyap je. semua benda bergerak perlahan. breaking up might be the worst decision ever. well, its not my decision anyway. she's wants it, so I just agree with it in silence. silence is my thing. most of the time, I shut my mouth off. I'm not in good any come back words when we're fighting. lagi bertambah teruk kalau aku bersuara.

I cleaned my room yesterday. it's been a year since my last time, I guess. found a lot of stuff. some still useful like my missing guitar string set, coins, abandoned lyrics I wrote quite some times ago and some just plain trash. the reason I clean my room is because I can't sleep in front of the tv like I always did anymore.

I'm going to Pulau Perhentian tomorrow. I always thought it would be our greatest holiday ever. me and eja. thought this would give us more energy to our relationship. you know, like giving the relationship the "spark" again. well, since we've broke up, I guess it will be just me, fahmi, syuk (and his girlfriend linie) and bunch of other people I don't really know. I'm going to drive my car. it's going to be a long journey. tiring but it's good anyway. driving car would give me some time to think. I live in a fast and hectic world so I don't have much time to think about serious stuff. most of my decision I've made in my life, I did it quickly and sometimes spontaneously. beli rumah dekat sendayan pun aku decide dalam sehari je.

Anybody who haven't watch scott pilgrim vs the world, go watch it now. it's a good movie. tak macam scream 4 hanjeng tu.

p/s: This entry was written in english so the writer could train his english writings. gua memang gagal dalam bahasa inggeris. jahanam, bukan salah pun sekali-sekala ye dak?

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