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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love And Balls

I've been playing football since I was a little kid. I love the game and actually quite good at it. My history of playing football started when I was still living at kampung. Me and my friends, we played football every day because we were so passionate about it. We were even coloured our shirt with number we wanted. I chose 5. later, I changed it to 11. The number Rokawa Kaede of Slamdunk wore.

Those days were fun. I remember when it comes to friendly match between kampungs, a lot of people will surely come to watch including those makciks even it was just a small match nobody didn't have to care about. I was still too young to join the team so just like everybody else outside the field, I stand cheering our beloved football team with all our heart.

I was 12 when I first got myself my first football jersey (the real one, not the painting job one). Got myself the famous 1o number, the number top striker usually wore. Turn out I didn't played well on the first match with my school team. I remembered I went to toilet for many times because I was too nervous to play.

cool kids play football, not DOTA

Ok so now it's 20 years later. I can't play football as often as I used to. Life got miserably changed. Turn out people grow older and what older people do? they have to pay the bills. It turns out to be money and car and house and shit. No more football games. There are lesser passion in watching football games also.

Sometimes I got fed up with other people who support certain football team. Let see, if you lived in Melaka and work in Negeri Sembilan, you should be able to support any other team compete in the MSL, right? because it is all about the passion for the game. You "felt" the touch between the leg and the ball even you're just watching. You "knew" it is hard for the player to make certain move, even you're just watching. That why we love watching football, right?

Supporting a football club is not about knowing all the players name, the glorious history of the club or all investment and contribution they've made all this while only. That's not passion, that's studying. You love the game first, interested and curious about certain team, and then is when you start digging more information about them.

Too passionate of simply lose the bet?

Well, other people might have different opinion and different reason to play/watch/support football. All I can say is it's not only about 22 guys chasing after one ball. Whoever says that is a dumb fuck.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One day

One day, I'll sell everything
and become a free man
who didn't have to worry about anything in the world
and grow old smiling
I won't give a shit about who runs the government
it doesn't matter anymore
because the world is old enough
it needs a break

One day, I'll see everyone
and feel pity on them
because while they're all running
racing and compete to each other
I'll sit, have a drink and sing
because I don't care anymore
because I'm just too tired

One day, I'll quit my job
it will be you young apprentice turn now
to work hard, to laugh at the boss jokes
to simply doesn't have the time for your love one
and start to lose them one by one
until when you realize it
it'll be too late
and I'll be the one who said wisely
"told you so, son"

One day, I'll start a rock band
and tour around the world
doesn't matter if we're good or not
because I'm too rich to care about what you think
you'll buy my song anyway
because my money will buy you at the first place

One day, when everything doesn't make any sense anymore
you'll follow my footsteps
and become the monk
of my nonsense temple

I wrote this after YM with jelai. I'm so fucked up right now, I need to write something stupid. And you should start to write your penguburanprosa again jelai.

Monday, October 10, 2011