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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm sort of lonesome when I wrote this. lonely is a tiring feeling if I may describe the way I see it. It is a feeling that kinda makes me worried at the same time. Not like I've got nothing more to worry about for instance I've got this examination for the training I've been attending for four goddam days. I was suppose to study and don't get me wrong I've planned toward it when Aliff asked me to watch a movie. X-men: the first class that is. I'm not really fancy about the movie but at least that's the plan for wasting time tonight.

So I was just light up my ciggarete when Aliff walked in. He was just took a shower and got inside his room where I've been crashing since the 1st day of my training. He make a funny move/dance to tag along with music I've been listen to. I tagged along and we both laughed at our own stupidity. Stupid is a very subjective word. You can excel at school and still been called stupid when you make a mistake at office. How do we measure our level of stupidity till at some point we can count ourselves as certified morons?

Can you die out of loneliness? what are reasons to be lonesome? I was looking out of aliff's window to get some fresh air when I saw a guy revved hard his car engine. I can feel how suffer the engine would be. How hard the combusted fuel pumped the piston up and down. Silence doesn't always the reason that leads to loneliness feeling. I still feel it even surrounded by that noisy son of a bitch. He finally stopped and went inside his house. He'll continue again tomorrow night I guessed. What's with you people with your car performance ego anyway. I mean I work in mechanical engineering field. I understand how engine works and all. The thing that fascinated me is how it actually could works rather than overspending money to be a fucking show off asshole.

This entry not going to make any sense. I probably suffered the emotional breakdown sickness. probably should continue studying on this lubricant control nonsense and I just noticed that I'm out of my Dunhill 20's. Crap.

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