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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free tour guide in Melaka/malacca

So here it is.

I won't charge you (maybe I will someday if I want to)
My knowledge about Melaka is limited
I know some good place to eat
I know some good place to chill out
You maybe won't stuck in traffic jam
I work in N.sembilan which is 90km from Melaka but I'm free on weekend
I'm doing this on behalf of the generosity of the wonderful people in Melaka.

I will:

drive you with my car. It's a small one. 3 people maximum.
take you from Melaka sentral on the day you arrive.
Get you a place to stay (depending on your budget)

I will not:

Entertain you like you're paying me
take you to places I (or any of my friends) know nothing about
ask you to pay for my food, fuel, etc
take you to bar, club or anyplace to get drunk/ girls

This is not a scam. I'm doing this as a new hobby. contact me through this blog.


  1. Hi all,

    We have just finished a post about the traffic jams in Melaka.

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  2. I read your post. Its true that traffic jams in Melaka can be quite depressing with all tourist coming specially during weekends and public holiday.

    what people should know is, traffic jam usually happen in the main road. try to talk to some local people and ask for direction to avoid traffic jam, they should know it. They'll call it "jalan dalam" hope this answer helps. :)