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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A thought in the darkness

It is the second night of my staying here. Quite an experience. My body hurt a bit as the consequence of going snorkeling for the whole day. Finally, got a piece of paper to write. A nice old man gave it to me. Right now I'm on my bed (it's a 11 double deckers bedded dorm) writing with the help of light from my cell phone.

There're about 22 people sharing the room with me. It's quite uncomfortable to mingle around with people I don't really know at first. Turn out, it's not too bad at all. Bapak (a guy who looks older than anyone else), is the friendliest one. He told me a lot of stories about his career and marriages. Not like I really interested to listen to his mumblings, but it's just nice to know more about people rather than judging them from distance.

I've been searching for a paper to write this thought when I found a note in my wallet written "remember us, remember our stories". Eja gave it to me. I, until now am unable to express how I felt toward this break up to anyone. regrets, sadness, frustration are emotionally bugging my mind. Guess it was finally didn't work between us, that's what I might answer if anyone asking about me and Eja. Hopefully she'll meet a better guy. She's a nice lady. Strong on the inside and out. People should treat her nicely. She was my best politic discusser. Most of the time we're in different side of opinion. We used to debate and arguing for hours.

I hate to be a living sad man. Right now I'm trying to heal and moving on. I should get serious with the band. Start collecting materials and stuffs or maybe continuing on study for degree (I'm just a diploma holder)

I'm sleepy already. Do we always need to end a writing properly to please the reader? No, we don't have to. Good night.

1.22 am, may 2nd 2011
Perhentian Island.

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