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Friday, September 16, 2011

Reviewing You

One of my favorite things to do while surfing the internet is to read movies review. It gives me some ideas before spending money on it to watch it since I'm quite a movie freak. I watched a lot of movie while I was growing up. Hollywood's, Bollywood's, Malay's movie, B-rated (rarely since I found it hard to get this kinda movie that is in good quality to watch) and yeah porn movies included in my list. this give me the idea to start some review page for movies that I've watched. Wait, why don't just review everything? movies, songs, bands, anything that will keep my time a bit occupy. Because let's admit it, we've been surfing the internet too damn much recently and most of it for no good reason. So here it is. The review may not be satisfying and written in poor english but give me some chance to improve will ya, cocky bastard? haha.

Enough with the babbling.

I discovered this sweedish band quite recently. yeah I might be too late to realize how brilliant these guys/lady are. Blame the MTV for playing shitty music nowadays but you must be a complete moron not to love their tunes ones you've heard it. The first song that have catched my ear was (as you probably could guess) lovefool. A hit song back in the 90's. And then try to listen to the slow melancholic "Communication". It'll suit you the most while driving alone at night.

"I need some fine and you, you need to be nicer" is the song i love the most in this compilation (did i use the term correctly?) since the lyric inspire me a lot. Nina might not have the cute little voice anymore but you'll get her new matured well evolved voice as a replacement.

I fully recommend you people to try to play "don't blame your doughter (diamonds)" yourself while in jamming studio. Leave the violin part, try to replace it with some keyboard. I think it's not so hard to play especially with the guitar, bass guitar and drum part. The song full with delicious chording or what we usually called "chord pelik" Well I don't know about you guys but it's "pelik" enough for me.

Rating: 8/10

p/s: hit me back with your opinion regarding my review and my english writing.

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